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Build a lasting career at Walker.

Walker employees are diverse, creative and passionate about their communities and the environment. At our locations in Grey-Bruce and Niagara, we are often on the lookout for skilled employees to be a part of our growing team. Permanent and seasonal positions include:

  • Working Foreman
  • Mechanics
  • Equipment Operators
  • Truck Drivers
  • Flaggers
  • Administrative staff
  • And more…

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  • Rob Konig, Operations Manager image

    Walker is a great company to work for. I like their commitment to their people, safety, the community and the environment. They treat their people well.

    Rob Konig – Operations Manager, with Walker since 2009

  • Rob Chastelet, Maintenance/Mechanic image

    Walker is an excellent company to work for. I have a challenging job with a lot of variety. Any work we do has to be environmentally friendly. We take pride in what we do and in being able take care of the environment at the same time.

    Rob Chastelet – Maintenance/Mechanic, with Walker since 2018

  • Julie Veilleux, Payroll/Administration Clerk image

    When I come to work, I always know what I need to do and what is expected. Walker has high standards and we take great pride in how we handle health and safety, and environmental initiatives.

    Julie Veilleux – Payroll/Administration Clerk, with Walker since 2004

  • Suzy Walter, Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk image

    Walker is a good family company with strong family values. They’re very supportive. I first started in the scale house and worked my way up. I’ve been here for over 21 years now.

    Suzy Walter – Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk, with Walker since 1998

  • Stuart Harrison, Junior Estimator image

    I did my co-op here and they hired me right after graduation. I like working here. Walker treats everyone well and it’s a good team environment. It’s great to see how much they give back to the community; it’s great to see the Walker name in the community and be proud of where you work.

    Stuart Harrison – Junior Estimator, with Walker since 2018

  • John Blake, General Manager image

    Walker is a great company to work for. They value their employees and give everyone the opportunity to succeed. Walker ensures a safe and healthy workplace so we can all go home to our families each night.

    John Blake – General Manager, Construction, with Walker since 2008

  • Derek Nunn, Assistant General Manager image

    It’s rewarding to have our customers come to us because we can be flexible and come up with creative solutions. We have customers that I can call friends – relationships that started at work and built over time. That’s attributed to the way we do work at Walker.

    Derek Nunn – Assistant General Manager, Construction, with Walker since 2007

  • Michael Pett, Manager Estimating image

    Walker is a great company to work for. They look out for you and your family, they help you as much as they can. Everyone is great to work with from the bottom to the top.

    Michael Pett – Manager Estimating, with Walker since 2006