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100% Cold Recycled Asphalt

Product demonstration

A blend of asphalt emulsion and 100% Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) that creates a structurally sound base. The recycled material is trucked to the specialized Midland Mix Paver that is capable of blending and paving these components. Once rolled and compacted, this base can be over-layered with chip seal, ultra-thin bonded wearing course or hot mix asphalt surface.


  • Municipal roads
  • Regional roads


  • Lowers impact on the environment
  • Lowers cost of materials
  • Adds structural strength to an existing road
  • Self-healing, flexible, and mitigates cracking
  • Reuse of aggregates and viable asphalt cement reduces energy consumption and reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Service Locations:

  • Niagara and surrounding areas
  • Also available in select areas across Ontario; contact us to find out if this service is available near you

Interested in recycled materials for your next asphalt project? Call our Niagara team today.