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Bonded Wearing Course

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A high-performance wearing surface for pavement preservation. Bonded wearing course uses a single-pass roadbuilding process consisting of a heavy application of polymer modified asphalt emulsion membrane, followed immediately by an ultra-thin hot mix asphalt applied with a specialized “spray” paver. The resulting surface is a durable wearing surface that can quickly open to traffic.


  • Municipal roads
  • Provincial highway
  • Regional roads


  • Durable, crack-resistant, drainable wearing surface for existing flexible or rigid pavements
  • Versatile applications; can be used on residential streets, urban arterials and 400-series highways
  • Superior bond with PMA emulsion that seals out water and resists raveling and delamination
  • Open macro-texture provides excellent skid resistance, drainage and reduces tire backspray and noise

Service Locations:

  • Niagara and surrounding areas
  • Also available in select areas across Ontario; contact us to find out if this service is available near you

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